Participation Conditions 2024

  • Exhibition Stands

Exhibition stands include either a sales table or a square space. Nothing can be placed outside the exhibition stand. Additional space used will be agreed upon and charged separately. The stand can be without a table if desired, but the price remains the same. 

The exhibitor must not enlarge the exhibition stand without the organizer’s consent. The organizer has the right to increase or decrease up to 10% of the exhibitor’s reserved area. The organizer determines the location of the exhibition stands and sends a map/photo to the exhibitor, indicating the location and dimensions of the stand. If the exhibitor uses additional space without permission, the organizer will charge double the price for the additional space after the event. Additional space is defined as any extra sales space that the exhibitor uses in addition to the space included in the exhibition stand.

The exhibitor must not transfer or rent their stand to a third party without the organizer’s permission.

  • Applying as an Exhibitor

The reservation of the exhibition space is made by sending the application form. The confirmed agreement by the organizer binds both parties. The organizer evaluates all exhibitors who have submitted an application. The application must include a comprehensive description of the products or a link to a website where the products can be viewed. The organizer has the right to refuse the sale of certain products or services at the event. The products for sale must align with the overall appearance of the event. The organizer has the right to remove products and services that do not fit the event. Products/services must not be marketed to disrupt other exhibitors or customers. 

If the exhibitor does not pay the participation fee by the due date, does not accept their exhibition space by Saturday, October 12, 2024, at 11:00 AM, or materially violates the terms of participation or the additional instructions provided, the exhibition booth reverts to the organizer. When the exhibition booth is returned to the organizer for any of the aforementioned reasons, the organizer has the right to charge the exhibitor the full fees related to the fair. Upon the return of the booth to the organizer, the organizer has the right to use it in any way they see fit.

  • Payment

    The reservation of the exhibition booth is binding only when the reservation fee is paid. The reservation fee is non-refundable but will be credited toward the final exhibition booth fee. Late payment interest according to the Interest Act. The exhibitor has the right to cancel their participation within seven (7) business days from the time the organizer has sent the invoice for participating in the event, but no later than thirty (30) days before the start of the event. The cancellation of the exhibition booth must be done electronically or in writing. If the payment for the booth is not visible in the account when the event starts, the booth cannot be used.

    • Exhibitor Passes

    Exhibitor passes will be handed to exhibitors on Friday starting from 3:00 PM and on Saturday from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM. Exhibitors’ passes are personal and must be visibly displayed throughout the entire event, including during setup and dismantling. Exhibitors’ passes cannot be transferred or sold to third parties.


    • Setup and Dismantling

      Exhibitors are responsible for the construction, organization, decoration, dismantling, removal, and cleaning of their own space. During setup and dismantling, care must be taken not to block pathways, and space must be given to other exhibitors to operate. Dismantling of the exhibition booth cannot begin before the dismantling time (Sunday 5:00 PM). If this happens, the organizer will charge double the price of the exhibition booth. The booth must be empty and clean by the end of the dismantling time (Sunday 8:00 PM). If the exhibition booth is left uncleaned or undismantled, the organizer has the right to invoice the exhibitor for the cleaning and/or dismantling work done.

      The organizer has the right to refuse structures and decorations that are against good taste, do not fit the overall appearance of the event, or are too large. For large or heavy structures, permission must be obtained separately from the organizer.


      • Parking

      Exhibitors can leave their cars in the free parking lot at Dipoli.


      • Coffee and Lunch

      Dipoli organizes food services for the event indoors.

      • Food Sales

      Food Exhibitors must display the Exhibitor’s name and contact information. Food Exhibitors are responsible for ensuring that they have the necessary permits and notifications for their activities.


      • Electricity

      The organizer is responsible for general lighting. Exhibitors can use power outlets at Dipoli. The organizer is not responsible for the costs and damages caused by a possible power outage. Exhibitors are responsible for the electrical devices brought to their booth.


      • Damages, Insurance, and Safety

      Exhibitors are responsible for all damages, breakages, thefts, and other incidents involving their exhibition booth’s products, structures, devices, etc. Exhibitors are liable for any object or personal damages caused by their own exhibition booth’s products, structures, devices, services, etc. to third parties (customers, exhibitors, Dipoli, event area furniture, event area, or organizers). Exhibitors are responsible for obtaining appropriate insurance. 

      Exhibitors are responsible for the permits and fees related to the use of their products. The organizer is responsible for the general order of the event area. The organizer is not responsible for the damage or loss of exhibitors’ property. Exhibitors must adhere to the general laws, guidelines, and rules, as well as Dipoli’s safety and fire safety instructions. Emergency exits must be kept clear!


      • Force Majeure

      The organizer has the right to cancel or reschedule the event due to force majeure. The organizer is not liable for any delay or damage resulting from this. Force majeure includes events outside the organizer’s influence, which the organizer could not reasonably have taken into account at the time of the contract and the consequences of which the organizer could not reasonably have avoided. These events include, among others, strikes, boycotts, or other industrial action, as well as fires official decisions or other events preventing the use of Dipoli or affecting subcontractors.

      By applying for a space at Pagan Fest, you commit to following the above-mentioned terms of the agreement, as well as any additional conditions and instructions provided. 

      The organizer reserves the right to make changes. 

      The Finnish-language terms of participation are considered the basis in case of any interpretation issues.